Studio Rates

The analog rate includes use of the OTARI MX-80 24 Track 2 inch tape machine for recording basic tracks and mixing from.  The option of the TASCAM MS-16 16 Track 1 inch tape machine also exists, but only for archival use.  Also included in the analog rate is the option of mixdown to an analog medium.  Sonic Iguana has both the classic AMPEX ATR-102 half inch tape machine, with available recording speeds of both 15 ips and 30 ips, as well as the AMPEX ATR-800 quarter inch tape machine, with available recording speeds of  7.5 ips, 15 ips, and 30 ips.

The digital rate is for use of the MACKIE HDR2496 Hard Disk Recorder and the MACKIE D8B Digital Mixing Console.  These MACKIE products utilize a 24-bit recording format, which represents a resolution improvement of 64 times over the original ADAT recorders.  Our mixing console includes several notable upgrade plug-ins, as well as being fully automatable in fader level, panning, EQ, compression, and effects.  Also included in the digital rate is the use of the SONY DTC-500 and TASCAM DA-30 MkII DAT machines and the TC ELECTRONIC FINALIZER 96K at mixdown.

Both formats involve the use of the same microphone selection, mixing board options (however, any mixing of the 2″ Otari through the D8B digital mixer is subject to a considerable upcharge, and must be scheduled well in advance), automation system, outboard gear, editing system, CD-R Mastering (which always results in a digital master), same control room and performance room environment – the only difference is within the recording medium itself.
Our minimum recording block length is typically 6 hours, our standard recording hours per day are 10 hours.
IMPORTANT:  Neither rate includes the services of an approved recording engineer, which is absolutely required to record at Sonic Iguana Studios.

In 2002, Sonic Iguana Studios added a complete  second studio.  This new studio has all the necessary  equipment to fully record, mix, and master an entire project.  This new studio’s strength , however, is its mixing capabilities.  This  studio is  the home of our new  MACKIE D8B digital mixing console.  It also includes two new isolation booths,  designed for vocal and guitar overdubs, and an entirely new  performance room capable of drum and full group performances.
This room has a unique sound, differentiating it from the sound of the live rooms in the original Sonic Iguana live room.  This room is smaller and carpeted, giving a much less “open” sound to the live performances.  It allows the possibility of an entirely different recording  texture within the same studio environment.
This additional studio space also means that Sonic Iguana Studios now has twice the available recording time  slots available, which means we can usually book your project  with have the previous lead time necessary.

Included in our rates, specifically for touring bands, is the use of a studio apartment.  Each studio, both Sonic Iguana Track (the original studio) and Sonic Iguana Mix (the new studio) has its own studio apartment.
Sonic Iguana Track Apartment:
This apartment is equipped with two Queen-size sleeper  pull-out couches, with fresh sheets, blankets, and pillowcases provided.
There is a bathroom with a shower and sink with vanity mirror (and four bath towels), and a second bathroom with a toilet and sink.
The apartment also has a kitchenette area, with a dish sink, microwave oven, mini refrigerator, coffee maker, espresso maker, counter space, and cabinets.
In the entertainment department, there is a 31-inch color stereo television with a Hi-Fi stereo VCR, and a Sony Playstatio, with an accompanying selection of pre-recorded movies and video games.
Sonic Iguana Mix Apartment:

The apartment included within Sonic Iguana Mix is more modest than that in Sonic Iguana Track.  The primary reason for this is that many bands either do not attend their final mix sessions, or that many bands only attend one day of mixing.  Often, only one band member and the producer are present during the mix sessions.  Therefore, the apartment is a bit smaller, and provides less in the way of entertainment for unoccupied musicians.

This apartment is equipped with three full-size futons, with fresh sheets, blankets, and pillowcase provided. There is a bathroom with a shower and sink with vanity mirror (and four bath towels), and a second bathroom with a toilet and sink.
The apartment also has a kitchenette area, with a dish sink, microwave oven, mini refrigerator, coffee maker,  counter space, and cabinets.

Again, the studio apartment in each case is free of charge to out-of-town bands who use at least our minimum day-length.  The studio is available for the night of their recording date, not the night previous.  Because we have many tightly scheduled bands, it is not possible to promise the use of the apartment for the night prior to a recording session, except in specifically pre-arranged special cases.

(These do not include tape or hard drive costs or recording engineer fees.)
ANALOG FORMAT -- $40 per hour.
DIGITAL FORMAT — $35 per hour.

***NOTE***  These rates, which took effect January 1, 2000, represented our first price increase in four years.  Since that time, the studio investment has increased dramatically, adding features such as Neumann microphones, Manley tube pre-amps, Mix automation, Antares pitch correction, Joe Meek compression, multiple channels of tube compression, new mixing consoles, new recording decks and technology, and even adding a studio apartment for touring bands to reside in during long sessions.  Our ever-increasing costs of rent, utilities, and insurance, along with our ever-improving inventory of equipment necessitates this nominal increase in order to remain a viable studio.  We appreciate your understanding of the situation.