Production Information

Mass Giorgini

Step One: Demo Tape

The first step in setting up a recording session with Mass Giorgini as the producer is the approval of the demo.  Because of his increasingly busy schedule, Mass has decided to limit himself to working on projects that he feels that he will be truly proud of in the future.  The demo need not be well-recorded, in fact, it could be as simple as a the recording of a rehearsal.  Prior recordings would also suffice – the idea being that the general feel and style of the band is conveyed by the song or songs that are chosen as the demos.

The methods of getting the demos to Mass are the following:

1.  Mail – Send demo to:  Mass Giorgini, c/o Sonic Iguana Studios, PO Box 4035,  Lafayette, IN  47903, USA.

2.  E-Mail – Simply e-mail an attachment of an MP3 of the demo song or songs, and send it to

3.  URL – Send an e-mail to including either a link to, or the URL address to, a Web Site or FTP location that has MP3 files or streaming audio of your demo songs. Alternatively, one could also share a DropBox folder or send a YouSendIt link.

What is Included?

The following extras are included in the producer rate charged by Mass Giorgini when recording at Sonic Iguana Studios:

1.Drum Technician – The services of an expert drum technician, tuner and performance critic.  A great drum tech can help achieve the best possible tone for the drums, assist in drum arrangements, and help ensure that every drummer achieves their best possible performance in the course of the recording session.

2. Assistant Engineer – An assistant engineer is always on hand during the tracking to help ensure that every moment is as efficient as possible, and that an experienced second objective opinion is always available.

3. Edit Assistant/Automation Engineer – For the post-production portion of the session, an experienced engineer is on hand to help make the session go smoother.  This assistant can take care of the technical details of track clean-up, archiving, and transport control, so that  Mass Giorgini can concentrate on the subtleties of the mix, such as relative volumes, tones, and dynamics.

4. Musical Equipment Arsenal – During the session with Mass Giorgini, use of any guitars, guitar amps, basses, bass amps, and drum equipment within the Sonic Iguana equipment arsenal that are required are included free of additional charge.

Step Two: Booking Time

The next step in setting up the session, assuming that your demo has been approved, is actually determining when you session should happen, and for how long it should last.  Mass Giorgini has set pre-determined minimums for his recordings, based on his prior experiences in the area.  The minimum time he will book is three full recording days (based on ten-hour session days), versus one day, plus a half-day per song, whichever is greater.
So, if you are recording:

1-4 songs – this will require a minimum of three days.
5-6 songs – this will require a minimum of four days.
7-8 songs – this will require a minimum of five days.
9-10 songs – this will require a minimum of six days.
11-12 songs – this will require a minimum of seven days.
13-14 songs – this will require a minimum of eight days.

Obviously, exactly how long a session will take is impossible to predict, so the final bill will be determined by the actual amount of time used.  These minimum guidelines are useful so that bands, which often travel from thousands of miles to record here, do not face the prospect of running out of time and having to travel all the way back to the studio a second time.  Even with these minimum guidelines in mind, it is important to note that most artists take considerably more time than these minimums in order to complete their albums.  Indeed, an average amount of time spent on a 12 song album with Mass Giorgini at Sonic Iguana is approximately 18 days.

Mass Giorgini Producer Rate (at Sonic Iguana Studios):
$30 per hour.

Mass Giorgini Producer Rate (at outside studios):
$30 per hour plus travel expenses, lodging, and $50 per diem (per diem also incurred on travel days).
(outside rate does not include assistant engineers or additional equipment)