Celebrated political punk band Anti-Flag recorded their groundbreaking album Underground Network at Sonic Iguana Studios in 2001 with producer Mass Giorgini. Since that time, their follow-up Mobilize was mastered at Sonic Iguana Studios, and the punks from Pittsburgh also called upon Sonic Iguana producer Mass Giorgini to work on The Terror State, released in 2003, and executive produced by Tom Morello (of Audioslave, and formerly of Rage Against the Machine). On The Terror State, Mass engineered vocal tracks, and also participated in the mastering of the final mixes with famed mastering engineer Emily Lazar (David Bowie, Sonic Youth, SinĂ©ad O’Connor). In May of 2009, their album The People or the Gun was mastered at Sonic Iguana Studios, and in early 2012 Anti-Flag had Mass Giorgini master their latest masterpiece, The General Strike, released on March 20, 2012.