Alkaline Trio

Alkaline Trio‘s history with Sonic Iguana Studios dates back to the mid-90′s when bassist Dan Andriano was playing with his former bands, Slapstick and Tuesday.During those years, Dan recorded at least three releases at the Lafayette facility.  But he was not the lone Alkaline Trio member to make recording trips to Sonic Iguana — Matt Skiba also made it down with his own former bands. In fact, Matt and Dan came down together in 2002 to lend their vocal skills to the This is Unity Music album by Common Rider.  Even former drummer Mike Felumlee (who appeared on From Here to Infirmary) recorded at Sonic Iguana Studios with his prior band, the Smoking Popes.

Finally, in April of 2005, Alkaline Trio formally worked at Sonic Iguana Studios on new tracks appeared on the “Time to Waste” EP released in June 2005 by Vagrant UK.  Additional tracks appeared on the 2007 Vagrant release Remains which were produced by Jerry Finn, and feature additional tracking, mixing, and mastering by Mass Giorgini at Sonic Iguana Studios.

In May of 2007, Alkaline Trio returned to Sonic Iguana Studios yet again to clean up the audio for the DVD release which accompanied the reissue of their legendary early album Goddammit.

Most recently, in the fall of 2008, Derek Grant tracked the drum tracks for his self-produced release as D. Grant meets the Reaper titled From a Darkened Past at Sonic Iguana with Mass Giorgini at the controls.